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We are extremely happy to announce that GenLots has been accepted for the EU grant for innovators @H2020SME - first stage 🚀🚀🚀

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About Us

#AboutUs We have just successfully completed our first pilot with a large pharma company. In the words of our end users, @GenLots is "Magnificent". Contact us to learn more about the pilot results

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Machine Learning

Read the article by our co-founder Simon about the most recent advances in #MachineLearning and its impact on productivity increases #ML

Nice seeing @DeepMindAI exploring the potential of Reinforcement Learning. At GenLots we use the same methodology (reward function) to optimize purchasing and save the industry millions each year. All this without needing a clean dataset to train on. #ML

Why AlphaGo Zero is a Quantum Leap Forward in Deep Learning

The 1983 movie “War Games” has a memorable climax where the supercomputer known as WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) is asked to train on...

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