Frontend Developer (React/JS)

Where you work

GenLots is a 2-year old b2b SaaS Start-up in the Lausanne area with the following mission:

  • Build the Artificial Supply Chain Brain that optimizes decisions in the supply chain of large corporations through the application of novel technologies. We radically remove inefficiencies which today are universally present and thought to be insurmountable
  • Accelerate the transfer of technology from the universities to real world application in the industry
  • Work not only for the benefit of our clients, but also for the benefit of the employees

We have already a major corporation as a client with others soon to follow and are currently looking for talented colleagues to fulfil the increase in traction and develop our roadmap.

What your work will look like

As one of the first software engineers @GenLots your days will vary quite a lot:

  • Lead the development of our existing front-end react application
  • Help to design architecture to increase code maintainability and scalability
  • Develop new products on our roadmap and bring your technical expertise to the product design
  • Estimate and develop custom requirements for some of the world’s largest companies
  • Help hiring and onboarding new team members
  • Work out of the EPFL Innovation Park 3-4 days/ week and the rest optionally from home

What you have done so far


  • 2 years of experience in professional software development
  • Proficiency in a JS framework, ideally React
  • Experience with deployment of web applications
  • Design sensitivity
  • Fluent in English or French

Nice to have

  • js
  • DevOps experience (Docker, automated deployment & testing)
  • Experience working for enterprise customers
  • Some Python
  • Interest in machine learning algorithms
  • Fluent in French and/or German

What we offer

  • Be one of the first engineers in a well-positioned start-up, with great growth potential, and actively shape its future.
  • We listen to your passion and interests and help you develop in the desired direction
  • Work on a cutting-edge product within the field of supply chain and machine learning
  • Impact some of the largest companies in the world while staying in a small structure
  • Work hard, but also have your private life respected (i.e. home office days, humane working hours)
  • Help us hire further engineers you like to work with and respect
  • If you work on open source projects, we are happy for you to dedicate some of your work time to contribute
  • Initial salary of CHF 6’000 per month with much room for increases / participation in company success should you and the company continue to develop well

Please join a CV and explain your motivation and why you are a fit for this job in the application.

This offer is not for you? Get yourself some money and us a great employee!

Well, maybe you have a good friend who would like to apply and fits the bill exactly? We offer a referral commission of CHF 1’000 to those who get us a candidate who is subsequently employed for more than 3 months. They just must mention you after they succeeded in the application.

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